Is your facility DEA complaint?

Is your facility DEA compliant?

Is your facility DEA compliant? If not, you may be risking patient safety, potential fines, and loss of licensure.

Patient safety is non-negotiable. What if you were audited by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and were found to be non-compliant? A physician practicing at a clinic recently settled with the DEA for $190,731 and lost his DEA Schedule II registration for five years. Can you afford a fine? What would your facility do without a controlled substance license?

We are in the business of making sure our patients are always safe when in our care. If your facility does not strictly adhere to DEA requirements, in addition to the legal and regulatory risk, you are potentially endangering your patients. As we all know, diversion of controlled substances has been on the rise. Diversion is only one of many potential problems that arise from poor management of controlled substances and diversion can impact patient safety in many ways.

How can diversion harm patients? What DEA violations can lead to fines or loss of licensure? The answer to these questions, as well as additional guidance on how to comply with DEA requirements, are available via our client newsletter. If you’d like additional information, or want to become a client, please reach out to us for a free initial consultation.

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