Consultant Pharmacists Enhancing Medication
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Medication Management, Patient Safety,
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Welcome to OctariusRx – Consultant Pharmacists

We are pharmacy consultants providing guidance on safe medication management, survey readiness and cost savings to ambulatory healthcare facilities/surgery centers, senior care facilities and pharmacies. We also help individual patients optimize their medications to improve their quality of life and save money.

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Consultant pharmacists are therapy management specialists who provide expert advice on the use of medications. Their primary focus is to ensure patients are using their medications safely and effectively in an effort to optimize therapy and prevent or correct medication related problems. We promote healthy aging through the proper use of medications. Consultant pharmacists also provide expert guidance on the proper provision of pharmacy services to medical institutions, medical practices and individual patients.

We are experts at enhancing patient safety, achieving survey success, and reducing costs. We provide guidance with an objective voice and work with you to develop processes to make your organization more efficient and prepared for certification and accreditation surveys. We specialize in safe medication management and pharmacy consulting to freestanding and hospital based ambulatory surgical, endoscopy, renal dialysis centers and senior care facilities with expertise in accreditation success.