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As an extension of your pharmacy, our consultant pharmacists are your advocate in the facilities while providing exemplary clinical services at a substantial savings. We allow you to focus on your primary business while taking a complex and expensive part of your operation off your hands. When you let us administer your clinical consulting services, you will reduce your expenses, increase market share by letting us advocate for you, and become more efficient, which will allow you to focus on growing your operation and bottom line.

Our Services

Our services extend far beyond typical regulatory compliance. We provide guidance and support for all aspects of pharmaceutical services. We review and improve your compliance with ordering, receiving, storing, administering and disposing of all medications. We help you with process related issues and provide support related to medication disposition, controlled substances documentation and medication destruction, as well as, both complaint and annual surveys. Our team is always available in your time of need and will see you through the entire process.

We advocate a holistic approach to comprehensive medication regimen reviews and work in an interdisciplinary manner to improve outcomes, reduce expenses and minimize rehospitalizations while improving regulatory compliance. Our pharmacists review each patient’s medical record and address irregularities. We will work with your administrative leadership team to ensure processes exist to effectively communicate and address pharmacy recommendations in a timely manner.

Admission is the perfect time to have a pharmacist review a patient’s medications for proper dosing, drug interactions, appropriateness of therapy and cost-effective alternatives. If you have a patient with a change in condition, let us rule out medications as a potential cause or even suggest alternatives that would reduce or eliminate risk. Everyone stands to gain from a properly managed medication regimen. Let us perform a comprehensive review of your patient’s medication regimens to ensure optimal therapy upon admission, during transition of care or when a change of condition is observed.

Entrance and exit meetings are a critical function for a consultant pharmacist and the facilities they serve. Our pharmacists make sure to communicate the dates of their visits so we can work collaboratively and optimize our time together. We will check in with you upon entering your facility, communicate throughout our visit and sit down with you to discuss our reports in detail upon exit. We are always available to answer your questions even when we are not on site. We communicate at every opportunity. We listen to your concerns, work on resolving your issues and report back to close the loop.

Our team provides comprehensive reporting at a frequency that meets your needs. We provide reporting, at least monthly, that encompasses all the services provided. We also have reports for monthly Quality Assurance/Performance Improvement (QAPI) meeting, behavior rounds and care planning meetings. We will attend your QAPI meetings and provide reports that are inclusive of all services rendered. All reports are customizable and will be tailored to your specific needs.

Our team of medication therapy experts can provide representation at all of your patient care meetings. There are several critical areas of impact where having pharmacy expertise can help improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and increase compliance. Our experts will work with you to attend all necessary meetings and provide tailored guidance to help you better care for your patients. Some examples of the meetings we attend include: care planning, skin/wound, falls, weights, restraints and behavior. If you have other meetings we can help with, just ask.

Meet the needs of your staff with our extensive and customizable library of educational offerings. Think of us as your source for staff education. We are ready to serve your educational needs no matter how large or small. Contact us and we will develop and present programs structured to meet your needs.

We provide complete medication-pass observations services. Our pharmacists are trained on proper administration techniques and will guide your staff on how to properly administer any medication. We provide audit tools and reports that allow you to fully assess your areas of opportunity. We also provide guidance around medication administration to make sure your staff is always prepared for survey observation. As part of our routine services we perform survey compliant medication-pass observations. We can tailor the frequency to meet your needs.

Our comprehensive formulary services offerings include formulary development and implementation. Formulary management affords your organization the ability to provide equal or better outcomes with safe and effective therapies while reducing costs.

Benefits of Using Our Services

  • Provide outstanding clinical services that extend far beyond regulatory reviews
  • Grow your bottom line while we expand your reach
  • Offer standardized policy and procedures
  • Save your customers money through our formulary management services and streamline your inventory
  • Reduce human resource expenses
  • Beat your competitors at their own game


Our Services


As an extension of your pharmacy, we are your advocate in the facilities while providing exemplary clinical services at a substantial savings.

Senior Healthcare Facilities

Our team works collaboratively with your staff to improve patient care and outcomes, ensuring safe medication management, enhancing regulatory compliance and reducing costs.

Ambulatory Healthcare Facilities

We provide guidance for safe medication management with an objective voice. Our team works collaboratively with your staff to enhance medication practices, ensure regulatory compliance and reduce costs.


Let us optimize your medication regimen, improve your quality of life, help you continue to live independently and lower your medication costs.