Victor Alves Presenting at the 2022 Northeast Conference

Victor Alves Presenting at the 2022 Northeast Conference

OctariusRx President and Consultant Pharmacist Victor Alves is presenting “Medication Management: Acing your next Survey” at the 2022 Northeast Conference, presented by the Massachusetts Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers.

He will discuss the basics of safe medication management, as well as more advanced concepts. Additionally, he will address the most common survey issues and provide practical tips for improving patient safety and survey success. Some of the topics to be discussed include regulatory requirements/standards, the most often cited standards, safe injection practices, medication reconciliation, confused drug names, high-alert medications, controlled substance management, how to mitigate controlled substance diversions, documentation and much more.

This year the conference is being held at the Massachusetts Medical Society Conference Center in Waltham, Massachusetts. The conference takes place on October 21st from 8am to 5pm.




The Massachusetts Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers (MAASC) is the only Commonwealth of Massachusetts organization devoted solely to promoting the interests of freestanding ambulatory surgical centers located across the state. Member facilities provide care to 300,000 patients annually. MAASC’s goal is to support the development and operation of freestanding surgicenters (ASCs) as cost-effective, high quality providers of ambulatory services in the state.

The Consultant Pharmacists at OctariusRx provide guidance on safe medication management, survey readiness and cost savings to ambulatory healthcare facilities/surgery centerssenior care facilities and pharmacies  We also help individual patients optimize their medications to improve their quality of life and save money. Contact us for assistance.

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