Victor Alves Presenting at the NYSAASC Spring Conference

Thank You to the New York State Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Speaking at the “2022 Spring Conference” was a gratifying experience. A special thank you to Donna Moccio and Laurie Roderiques for the invitation to participate.

My presentation focused on current topics in pharmacy, including medication management, patient safety, safe injection practices, updates to USP Chapters <797> and <800>, and controlled substance security. The most rewarding part of the conference was seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Congratulations to the Association for a great conference and offering their members exceptional educational opportunities.


The New York State Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Inc. (NYSAASC) is a not-for-profit organization representing the Article 28 licensed free-standing surgery centers in New York State. Our purpose is to be the leading organization influencing excellence in ambulatory surgical care in New York State through the active leadership role of our members. NYSAASC serves as the voice for New York ‘s freestanding ambulatory surgery centers. Our members are dedicated to the provision of high quality, cost-effective care sensitive to our patients’ and physicians’ needs.

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